Safety is our highest priority at Ascent Jet. We will only include operators on our file that have and maintain a valid AOC (Air Operator Certificate). The AOC is our assurance of the highest level of safety for those soliciting offers and flying on aircraft operated by our participating operators.

All aircraft on file on the Ascent Jet platform that can be solicited for charter are audited on a regular basis. All aircraft are piloted by two qualified pilots with current class ratings on the aircraft they fly.

The AOC requires operators to fulfil the following criteria:

Sufficient personnel with the required experience for the type of operations requested

Aircraft with safety features that are continuously audited and suitable for the type of operatons requested

Systems for the training of crew and the operator of the aircraft

A quality system to ensure that all applicable regulations are followed

The appointment of key accountabe staff who are responsible for specific safety critical functions such as training, maintenance and operations

Carriers Liability Insurance. Operators are to have sufficient insurance to cover any liability towards any passenger carried

The operator has sufficient ground infrastructure, or arrangements for the supply of sufficient infrastructure to support its operations into the ports requested

Operators are continuously audited on the basis on these criteria.

Ascent Jet also pays close attention to the financial solvability and strength of participating operators. Not least of all, we search for operators with a reputation for high quality of service - a key indicator of their and our concern for safety.