Pricing and payment

Pricing is communicated directly to you by participating operators. The Ascent Jet platform serves as a facilitator between client and operator. This is your assurance of total transparency.


When making a request for offer, the starting prices you see are very close estimates of those that will be offered to you once your selections for offer have been made. Pricing takes into account the actual flight, fuel surcharge, landing and handling fees, any taxes due, and standard catering. Early booking is strongly encouraged as there is often high demand for these aircraft types.

Ascent Jet adds an invariable booking fee of 4,5% to the total price of on demand flights inclusive of above mentioned ancillary services. In exceptional cold weather circumstances cases where aircraft de-icing is required prior to take off, this is a separate charge.

Empty legs are priced at a substantial discount from on demand flights. It is estimated that as many as 40% of private flights are empty of passengers due either to aircraft repositioning or returning to base empty after a one-way flight.  Empty leg pricing is not provided at the time a request for offer is made. Because of the many variables such as re-routing to accommodate your flight, pricing is on request. Ascent Jet adds a booking fee of 12% to the price of empty legs.


Payment is made using one of the major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard and American Express). Credit card payment is subject to an additional surcharge. which is added to the cost of your flight booking (2.6% for VISA and Mastercard and 3.95% for American Express). You may also make payment by bank transfer if this is preferred.  

Funds are received by Ascent Jet and held on an account with the UBS bank in Switzerland prior to forwarding payment to the operators. Payment or proof of payment must be received prior to any flight taking off.