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Ascent Jet goes live with The Private Aviation Markletplace

September 26, 2018

Ascent Jet SA is pleased to present its new private aviation platform – The Private Aviation Marketplace. The business model is a considerable step away from conventional brokerage as practiced in the private aviation charter industry today. Ascent Jet offers a one-stop shop for selecting and booking any type of business jet, turbo-prop or propeller aircraft. Ascent Jet provides a vast selection of aircraft for charter from the fleets of participating operators worldwide. The application allows operators to respond directly to requests for offer according to the precise criteria required by travelers. This is accompanied by personalized help from Ascent Jet.

 Ascent Jet takes into consideration the large secondary market of empty legs (aircraft used for one-way flights for instance that are required to return to their home bases empty of passengers). It is estimated that approximately 30% of all private aircraft take flight empty of passengers. These can be sold at a substantial discount from the usual price. The Ascent Jet platform offers over 1,000 empty legs worldwide at any given time. The platform also enables users to add monitors to indicate empty legs that may become available in the future for a required itinerary.

 Users can consult the Ascent Jet website for information on different aircraft types, flight times for selected routes and starting price estimates by aircraft type and category. Ascent Jet’s pricing policy is completely transparent. Price offers come directly from the operators and those you receive are the same inclusive of Ascent Jet’s invariable booking fee.

The advantages of this business model are many. Ascent Jet offers a single portal for travelers looking for comparative flight offers, empty leg opportunities and competitive pricing, saving them valuable time. All this is within the context of our safely first policy where we only engage operators with the most stringent and audited safety standards.

The app variant under Apple IOS as well as Android on smartphone will soon be available.


Publication date: September 26, 2018