Ascent Jet SA - Company Information

Incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland and founded in 2006, Ascent Jet SA began as a charter brokerage company with a strong emphasis on the new technologies to facilitate requests for offer and selection of aircraft for our clients giving them the best possible travel options by private aircraft at the most competitive prices.

Carl de Verteuil founder and Managing Director 

Carl has had a long and successful career in sales and marketing management in the Information Technology sector. He also worked for several years in the airline industry at the beginning of his career. Carl founded Ascent Jet in 2006 as a brokerage company for private aviation. He soon realized that the fragmented nature of the private aviation industry was in need of a more centralized and automated approach. With the advent of ultra-light jets where more people than ever can now fly privately, modernization using new technologies was key. The Ascent Jet platform responds to this need and will continue to be at the forefront of new technology as it comes on stream.

Carl holds a BA degree from Webster University and an MBA from Henley Business School.   

Ascent Jet today offers a technically advanced and easy to use platform for soliciting multiple offers for flights worldwide.  We combine a large amount of automation in the request for offer process combined with personalized service. There is no geographical limit to the itineraries we cater to, and no compromise in our selection of operators we work with based on safety, reputation and competitive pricing.


Swiss based Ascent Jet has a pan-European reach with an ever increasing list of quality operators on file. This translates into our assurance to you that wou will always receive the most competitive quotes for any flght whether a single leg, return or multi-leg worldwide.