• Select from the largest fleet of private aircraft
  • Get the most competitive prices
  • View hundreds of empty legs and monitor availability

Unique booking platform

The Ascent Jet platform is unparalleled in its ease of use, its selection of aircraft offered for charter, and its booking process.

Personalized service

All flight offers are customized to match your precise requirements.

Total Transparency

Pricing comes directly from the aircraft operators. Our booking fee is included as an invariable percentage.

Flying privately has never been easier

Flying privately today is not longer the preserve of a priveleged few, Ascent Jet gives you access to a vast choice of aircraft ranging from ultra light jets to VIP airliners and simplifies the entire request for offer and booking process.

Low booking fees

With our personalized service combined with the use of new technologies, we can offer very competitive booking fees.

Information at your fingertips

The Ascent Jet platform provides a wealth of information on aircraft, aircraft selection criteria and airport locations.

Empty leg market-place

View the hundreds of empty legs that are available for immediate booking or check for future availability using our empty leg monitor.